Sloshball Rules!!!

**Unlike Icon Sports Kickball, you will pitch to the other team.  Give them a nice easy pitch to kick.  It’s sloshball, so we want to encourage action, not strike-outs.  The umpire reserves the right to replace your pitcher if they aren’t playing nice.

1.All defensive players must play with a beer in hand.  When you are making a catch, your cup has to stay in your hand, not your mouth.  Beer will probably spill, but if you a)have an empty cup when you make a play b)drop your cup or c)intentionally empty your beer before the ball gets to you, the out does not count.

2.Any adult player reaching 2nd base is encouraged to fill up their beer 75% and finish the fine beverage before they are allowed to proceed to third base. Players can accumulate at 2nd base in order to finish their beer. The only force outs are at first and second.

3.Douche Rule: If you step in front of a girl to make a defensive play, the out does not count.  Don’t be a Douche.  Let the girls play.

4. No Bunting!! Kick the ball, that’s what we’re here for.

5. Only 10 players on the field at a time for Defense.  Can’t have more than 6 guys.

6. You cannot have more than 2 guys in a row on the batting order.

7.Any time a player hits a home run, play is halted and his/her entire team is invited to join him/her for a toast at 2nd base. This is known as a "team social".

8..Any time a player directly hits the 2nd base "umpire", this is also considered a home run and qualifies for a "team social".

9.All ties go to the runner. If the call is extremely close, the umpire reserves the right to call for a "Dispute Chug Off", where the dispute is settled at 2nd base by the two players involved.