Icon Sports Kickball Rules

The level of play for Icon Sports Co-ed Kickball is purely recreational with the emphasis always being on having a good time. Generally speaking, the game will be governed by the rules outlined by ASA (Amateur Softball Association) except for the following exceptions for co-ed which have been designed to even out the playing field and create as much action as possible.

Fielding A Co-Ed Team

  • Each team will field 9 players defensively (1 catcher, 4 infielders and 4 outfielders.  The pitcher will be provided by the batting team.) 
  • You may not field more than 5 men at one time and there is no limitation on how many females you can field at the same time.
  • In order to field a team, you must have at least 8 players present. It is your responsibility to communicate with your teammates to cover players that will be absent from week to week.  Game time is forfeit time.  
  • All players present must be in the batting order thoughout the game.  If you have 11 players show up, 9 will play at a time defensively, but all 11 must be on the batting order.
  • When you are on defense, you may only play one player defensively in vicinity of the pitcher (meaning in front of the 1st to 2nd base line, and in front of the 2nd the 3rd base line).  In previous seasons, teams would all move way up when a weaker female kicker is up and completely takes away her ability to get on base.  Let the girls play!!!!!
  • Failure to meet these minimum requirements will result in an official forfeit although exhibition play is always highly recommended in these cases. This is subject to change if team captains and umpire can agree on an alternate plan.

Batting Order Male/Female Ratios

  • All players on the field must be in the batting order
  • The kicking order must be guy girl guy girl throughout.  This could mean that guys will kick more than girls or vice versa depending on your team ratio of guys to girls.

Pitching / Kicking / Bunting

  • In order to keep the game exciting and highly offensive, their will be no defensive pitcher.  The pitcher will be provided by the batting team. 
  • As there is no defensive pitcher, bunting will be illegal.  If you do not take a full kick at a ball, it will be considered a bunt.
  • Each batter will be given a maximum of three pitches to put the ball in play.  If the third pitch is bunted/fouled, a batter will be given one final courtesy pitch.  It that pitch is fouled or bunted, the kicker will be called out at that point.
  • If the defensive team fields a ball in front of the bunt line, it will be considered foul.

3 ways to get an out

  • a) catch flyball
  • b) force out at base (like soft ball)
  • c) hit a runner below the neck with the ball


  • The season will consist of 7 regular season games.
    Points will be awarded based on wins and losses as follows.
    Win = 3 points
    Tie = 1 point
    Loss = 0 points
  • The top four teams in each division based on this point system will play in a single elimination tournament exactly one week after the last day of regular season play. In the event of a tie, the team that won the most games in head to head play will continue on to the playoffs.
  • If there is still a tie, the team that scored the most runs throughout the season will advance. In this case, forfeits will be counted as a 9-0 loss.
  • In the rare event that a tie-breaker cannot be identified, ties in the point standing will be decided by the flip of a coin.


  • The home team will be asked to where dark t-shirts(think black or dark colors).  The Away team will be asked to where light colored t-shirts(think white and light colors)
  • Please remove all Jewelry while you are playing.
  • Metal Cleats are strictly prohibited.


  • Balls, bases, and any other necessary equipment will be provided by Icon Sports & Social Club

The “don’t be a deuche rule”

  • Any time a male player obviously steps in front to make a play that should have been made by a female, not only will the kicker not be out, the kicker will advance one extra base.

Home Team

  • The team listed first on the schedule will be the home team and will have the last at bat.

Game Time

  • Each game will be composed of a one hour time limit.  A new inning is not to start after the game clock has passed 50 minutes.  Whatever inning has started before the game clock has reached 50 minutes will be finished. There is not a nine inning limit per se. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, it will be up to umpire as to whether extra innings will be played due to scheuduling and field availability.  It is possible that a games can end in a tie.



  • In order to prevent forfeits, substitutes that are not on your roster are welcome.  However, you may not bench a paying player who is on the roster in order for a substitue to play under ANY circumstances.

The Ringer Rule (for playoffs)

  • In order for a player to be elligible for playoffs, they must have played in at least three regular season games.  The spirit of this rule is to retain fairness in competition throughout the playoffs and umps and Icon Sports administration reserve the right to intepret it as we see fit in order to keep thing fair and fun.

Run Limit

  • There is a 9 run per inning limit. Once a team has scored 9 runs in an inning, that team will take the field and the other team will be up to bat. Any subsequent runs that are scored on the same play that push the team past nine will be counted.


  • Sliding is allowed with the exception of at home plate. When you are approaching home plate, all you need do is cross the 4 foot "finish line"to the right of the plate to score.  YOU WILL NOT BE TOUCHING HOME PLATE AT ALL.  This rule is designed to avoid any kind of collisions/injuries at home plate.  There are a couple of parts to this rule.
  • 1)  It is not necessary to touch home plate.  If the ball is caught by the catcher while they are touching the plate before you cross the "finish line", you will be out.
  • 2)  If you pass the midway point between third base and home on the way home, you have committed for home.  You may not turn around.  At this point, you must beat the throw as stated above or you will be out.
  • 3)  Furthermore, if the catcher is in the proper position(meaning standing on home plate and not in front of the finish line), & the runner makes contact with the catcher, the runner will be out regardless of where the ball is.  Bottom line.  Do not run through home plate and there should be absolutely no contact with the catcher or you will be out.