Icon Sports FAQ's

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact iconsportsclub@yahoo.com and we will be happy to assist you.

I just moved to the area and I don't know enough people to put together a team but I wanna play, what should I do?

No problem. Sign up as a free agent and Icon Sports will place you on a team with a combination of free agents and small groups in your skill level. Many of our past individual teams stick together for following seasons, so it's often a good way to meet some new people.

What is a small group?

If you are joining with a few friends you want to be on the same team with, this is how you will register. By using this function, you will ensure that you will be on the same team with your friends but you will still be able to pay separately.

I just signed up as a free agent/small group. Now what?

We will send you an email exactly one week before the season starts with your schedule, a copy of the rules, and your team placement and information about other team members. At that point it will be up to the players to decide on a captain and a team name, as well as make any plans for practice time. Icon Sports does not schedule practice games or times. If you have not been contacted within five calendar days of the league starting date, please contact Icon Sports at iconsportsclub@yahoo.com and we will get you taken care of.

Is there a minimum age to sign up for Icon Sports leagues?

Yes. Do to our insurance guidelines, you must be 21 to participate.

What if I won’t be able to make it for a couple of games, can I still sign up?

No problem. All teams will have enough players to allow for a few absences every week. It is very important that you coordinate this information with your captain so you will have enough players to field a team every week. In the event that you do not have enough players, it will be recorded as a forfeit but there will still be an exhibition game played for fun.

I'm not the greatest athlete, but I'd like to come out and play with you guys... will the leagues be too competitive for me?

No problem. Our sports leagues are meant to be recreational and fairly laid back unless otherwise noted as we will put together some competitive leagues based on demand.