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Scottsdale Coed Sand Volleyball League

Icon Sports club offers intramural adult Sand Volleyball leagues in the Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona areas. You can join as a free agent and get paired up with other free agents to form a team, or join with a full team. Icon Sports Club is about having fun and meeting new people.
Icon Sports & Social Club offers seasons of Co-ed Sand Volleyball 4 times a year on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays (coming soon) from February through November. 

Why Play Sand Volleyball With Icon Sports?

1) SEPARATE DIVISIONS. Our leagues are designed for the casual volleyball player who wants to have fun, meet people, and improve their volleyball skills.  Our leagues are separated into 2 divisions. 

When registering for our leagues, please be honest with yourself and with us as to your skill level when we ask you what division you want to be placed in.  If you think you are ready for the competitive league, but we determine it is not a good fit for your skill level after you get started, we reserve the right to move you down to the social league. 

Keeping people grouped based on skill level is essential to the happiness of our players and teams as a whole, and thus the growth of our league.
  • SOCIAL LEAGUE is for people who are new to the sport or haven’t played in a while and need to dust the cob webs off their game before they move up to the next level.  Teams are attempting to get the  ball back over the net and sometimes that happens in 1, 2 or 3 hits. On a rare occasion, teams will successfully bump, set and spike.  When teams are consistently bumping, setting and spiking, we encourage them to move on up to the competitive league.
  • COMPETITIVE LEAGUE:  This league is probably best described as “Intermediate” as we don’t have any pros that’s for sure.  Players in general have a well rounded skill set and are at least pretty good at 2 of the 3 passing, setting and spiking.  Teams are attempting to bump, set spike on every play. Sometimes there is some hard spiking, but it certainly more rare than it is common.  Teams do not have to rotate, so sometimes teams have “specialists”, i.e. someone who might be a little height challenged and is more comfortable being permanently at the back passing to the setter.  

2) MUSIC.  As with every Icon activity/league, there is always music to accompany our games.  Mark from Icon Sports does his best to stay on top of music trends and have the most up to date playlists.  Of course we can’t please everybody all the time with the music selection, but hey….what do you want from us? But Hey… least we are trying.  Music creates a lighter more fun environment to play in.  Dancing between plays, or because of a play is always allowed and encouraged.

3) COULDN’T BE EASIER TO JOIN.  As with all of our leagues, you can either join as a team, as a free agent, or as a small group (2 or more friends who each register and pay separately). 

After putting on leagues for the past 5 years, we’re not sure there is a better way to meet new people and make new friends then being on a team together.  It can be kind of like the first day of school for about the first 15 minutes, but it’s very interesting to see what happens when you give a bunch of strangers a common objective.  It knocks down social barriers and people make new friends quickly.

In rare cases, teams just don’t gel…and that happens.  But 75% of the time, it works out brilliantly and teams stay together and keep playing, so if your first team doesn’t work out…try again…and try different sports. The more teams you join, the more people you will meet.


4) THE “A-HOLE FACTOR”.  If you exhibit chronic bad sportsmanship and/or you are rude and don’t get along well with others, Icon Sports is not for you.  1 rotten apple can spoil the group dynamics, and we do our best to keep it light, and keep it positive by controlling the “A-hole factor” by happily encouraging immediate refunds to people who exhibit this type of behavior.